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Solar Electric Systems

The Most Popular Form of Solar Energy

Solar Electric systems can give you independence from the utility company that you always dreamed of. Imagine not being a slave to high monthly energy costs and producing your own clean, renewable energy with the sun.

There are many companies out there bombarding the public with questionable information. They all claim to be the biggest and the best. We are definitely not the biggest, but we will put our hat in the ring for the best.

Belmont Energy

Belmont Energy can help you navigate all the press and media hype to choose a system that is right for you. No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no monthly payments to some wall street firm who actually just replaced your utility company.

Federal tax incentives make now the best time to go solar and invest in something with a guaranteed and quantifiable payback!

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Solar Pool Heating Systems

A Solar Pool Heating System Will Double Your Swim Season in Any Climate

Most California pool owners wouldn't dream of heating their pools because the utility costs are through the roof. The unfortunate part of that is you simply do not use your pools at all. No one wants to jump into a cold pool!

Belmont Energy

That's where solar pool heating comes in. This technology, in the simplest of terms, amplifies the effect of mother nature and uses the sun to heat the water in your pool. Most of our customer's pools sit at 80-degree temperatures throughout the swim season, which can be up to eight months of the year! If you did that with your gas heater, you would go broke!

Belmont Energy is Proud to Be a Dealer of UMA thermal solar products

The UMA thermal solar products Products Are the Top of the Line in Solar Technology

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Our experts can assess your site and design a pool heating system for maximum performance and years of free heat from the sun.

We can also service, repair, and upgrade your existing pool equipment with the latest state of the art technology for maximum performance and energy savings.

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Solar Service and Repair

Leaking Solar Pool or Hot Water Heater?

No Production From Your Solar Electric System? Bad Contractor?

Don't Worry, Belmont Energy Technicians Can Fix It All

We service all makes and models of solar energy systems.

Belmont Energy

There is no need to leave that solar system inoperable because you cannot find a qualified repair person. Belmont Energy technicians have up to date knowledge on all the latest products, and more importantly, we work on some of the oldest and most rare systems that are still in operation.

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Energy Storage

How backup batteries work.

Your solar panels often generate more energy than you need to consume in a given hour or day. If you don’t have a backup battery, that overproduction is sent back to the utility grid. If you do have a backup battery, some of that energy is harnessed and stored inside the battery, for later usage when your solar panels aren’t producing power.

When your solar panels stop producing — whether it’s at night or due to a power outage — your home solar system can shift from drawing its power from panels to drawing from the battery, rather than being forced to draw from the utility company.