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Solar Panel Electric Systems



Solar Panel Electric Systems

Commercial Solar panel Installations

Solar Panel Electric systems can give you the independence from the utility company that you always dreamed of. Energy efficient improvements, such as solar panels, for your home or business is easy with Belmont Energy.

There are many companies out there bombarding the public with questionable information. They all claim to be the biggest and the best. We are definitely not the biggest, but we will put our hat in the ring for the best.

Our solar systems produce electricity, and then will convert the power into alternating current that can be used by home appliances, store excess electricity and maintain safety. Solar systems are great not only for your home, but for your business as well. Learn more about our commercial solar systems.

Federal tax incentives make now the best time to go solar and invest in something with a guaranteed and quantifiable payback!

Belmont Energy wants to help Southern California residents save money on their electric bill and reduce the use of fossil fuels. We will install solar panels for residential and commercial properties all throughout Southern California. Based in Laguna Hills, we come to you for the consultation and will work out the best system for your property. Give us a call today for your Free Consultation


"Joe and the team at Belmont Energy did a great job for us!  Joe is smart and professional.  He clearly laid out the process and helped me size the system to optimally fit my needs (which were to cover 100% of my home electricity and electric car).  His pricing was competitive, and there was no hard sale or BS about leasing.  They completed the job quickly and efficiently with no mess.  The panels are perfectly installed on low-profile brackets and all of the conduit was professionally painted to match the roof and house.  My system looks great and works perfectly with no leaks after multiple hard rain storms.  My electric bill has been between $0 and -$20 since I put the system in.  

I highly recommend Belmont Energy!"

-- John T. 

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Joe and his crew were amazing. They really knew the equipment and installed it beautifully. down to painting the conduit to match the house color. On time, polite, well spoken and ready to listen. Great job start to finish. Thanks, guys!"


-- John J.

Los Angeles, CA


"Joe and his team where efficient from start to finish. The job was done in less than 3 days with inspection shortly after. Joe handled all of the paperwork with SCE and city permits. Joe was patient with our constant questions, always responding in a timely manner. Joe was professional during the entire process with no hard sell. He understood our needs and wants, and didn't try to persuade us to do something we didn't want. Highly recommend Belmont Energy, in fact we've referred him to neighbors."


-- Lorie S.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

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